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Welcome to PAIRING TODAY, a Worldwide Relationship Education Service for men and women, singles and couples--whether heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual--who desire to better understand themselves and those others they are currently attached to or may in the future be attracted to. 


This site is about the education of the sexes. I intend to show that the highest human value should be freely chosen intimate relationships that are sustaining and sustainable.


This is Jack in Auckland, New Zealand 

and everywhere in the world on the Internet.


We are evolved to obtain natural happiness ONLY through intimate Human Relationships. That is my life's guiding premise founded on empirical research and my own experience. I am convinced most human destructiveness to self and others—from wars to suicides—comes from impaired or absent human relationships. Those who have enriched and enabled relationships do not destroy themselves or others. ALL of our so-called mental illnesses or diseases are a result of negative or missing relationships.


Therefore, if we would be sane and healthy in body and mind, and bring peace and prosperity to our planet, our attention and care should be targeted on our relationships.


Agreeing with Rilke, I consider the achievement of an Intimate and Equal Love between consenting adults to be the most difficult, rarest and highest of Human achievements. My goal is to enable persons worldwide to create and maintain such Relationships.


I have 23 years experience and expertise in Male/Female Relationship Education in five different countries (U.S.A., Canada, Australia, China, Chile).


I was a chief relationship educator and spokesman for the oldest and largest partly government funded relationship agency in Australia: Relationships Australia, Brisbane, Queenland (

Singles & Couples

Worldwide Internet

& located in  Auckland, N.Z.

Dare to Pair!

Care, Re-Pair, Share

I started up and managed my own "Partners for LIfe" relationship consultancy in Brisbane, Australia in 1997 that qualified,introduced, and enabled more emotionally mature men and women to create and maintain Permanent Partnerships of the highest quality.


As Partners for Life spokesman, I was on Brisbane television's Women with Vision program as their relationship consultant. Here's my TV appearances on Youtube:


In Brisbane for Adult Community Education at various TAFES as well as for Partners for Life, I gave public seminars on a number of Male-Female relationship topics, including "Evolutionary Mating Strategies". I presented to mixed sex audiences as well as females only ("For Women Only--On Men") and males only ("For Men Only--On Women)".


I use the findings of Evolutionary Psychology in its updated version by Christopher Ryan to help men and women understand why and how they interact today is based on biological programs put in place tens of thousands of years ago. I have found very few men and women have an accurate understanding of sex differences and what is "natural" and what is "cultural". It is this ignorance that is the main cause of troubled relationships.

I worked in Brisbane as a community activist in the areas of Palliative Care (working with the terminally ill), Widowhood, and Mentoring. Go here for TV appearances on Youtube:


Finally, here is a link to my personal website page on Partners for Life:


It is my intention for Pairing Today to show how the Love of Liberty can lead to the Liberty of Love.

Join me for a FREE SKYPE TRIAL MEETING to discover if I can help you create and sustain an equal and intimate relationship that brings you and your partner the contentment we all seek.

"What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

Jack on the Art of Loving - Jack in Santiago, Chile
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"The attitude - that nothing is easier than to love - has continued in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  There is hardly any activity which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love. Love is an art--and like any art it must be learned. Yet in spite of the deep-seated craving for love, everything is considered to be more important than love: prestige, money, power--almost all our energy is used to learn how to achieve these and almost none to learn the art of loving."

 Erich Fromm from his The Art of Loving.

Note: you can download this book for free on the Free Downloads page see above dropdown.

What is Love? Does it come “naturally”? Or must it be learned and then earned like driving a car? How important is Love to you? Pairing Today promotes and practices PAIRING--the Art of Loving--and considers Mature Love as the most important human act and the only one that will give you sustained contentment. Let me prove to you real Love can be learned and will give you more pleasure than driving a car. Contact me for a free Skype trial meeting and decide for yourself.

This a a "Credo" for Relationships by Thomas Gordon the founder of Parent Effectiveness Training that I promote. I have found no better words to express how relationships should be managed than this. 

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Jack's Relationship Consultation Rates

$50 USD an hour

Mission Statement

To Educate and Resource Individuals to Value and Achieve the Highest State of being Human which is to Create and Sustain Equal in Power and Freedom Friendships and Partnerships based on the Knowledgeable and Voluntary Exchange of Equivalent Self-Worth for Other-Value.

Jack's Video Poem: 

The Ultimate Importance of Love

Made with the creative VideoScribe software. It asks the Source Question: What Is Love? And it answers with the Story of SoulMates Jack and Katharine and their Whole Great Love.

Here is a link to an article I wrote for my Libertarian website group:

It's Titled as is my Video above:

The Ultimate Importance of Love



Note: the following is from a hand written note given to me by June who along with her husband Ian, completed one of my Relationships Australia Queensland (Brisbane) couple courses, titled: Building Better Relationships​ in 2002.


“Dear Jack

Just a note to thank you sincerely for your warmth, manner, inspiration and the encouragement you gave when presenting the course ‘Building Better Relationships’.  Over the years I have done a number of courses but Ian [her husband] has never, until this course, been able to find one which he felt suited him. The result is a better understanding of where we’ve been, where we’re heading and has brought about a togetherness which will help us deal with the pain of our son’s situation. I hope the future brings you as much happiness as you give to others.

Regards, June”


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