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1.The Art of Loving--Eric Fromm

6.Loneliness-John Cacioppo & William Patrick

2.Friendship-Daniel Hruschka

3.A General Theory of Love-Lewis, Amini, & Lannon

7.Looks-Gordon Patzer

8.The Seven Principles for Making Marriages Work-John Gottman

4.Couple Skills-McKay, Fanning, & Paleg

5.Falling in Love-Ayala Malach Pines


a.A Credo for my Relationships with Others--Thomas Gordon

b.Love and Psychological Visibility-Nathaniel Branden

c.On the Discipline of Completing Rather Than Competing-Jack

d.The Art of Parts-Jack

Katharine's Writings on Her Life with Jack

e.The Puzzle, Missing Picture, and Part-Jack

f.The Husbanding of Katharine's Life-Jack

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