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Pairing - the method

Pairing is a method for Singles taken from a book of that name Pairing by George R. Bach and Ronald M. Deutsch which was published first in 1970. 


Here are the core components of the process:


"The best way to find intimacy is to become an intimate person, open to the whole world of people. When an experienced intimate finds a good pairing partner, he is better equipped to build a relationship...your chief criteria is your genuine interest in people generally. Fear and anger often keep people from knowing what their innermost feelings are, or from risking open expression of them. Such expression is not really possible until the person has been freed of hard-to-identify intimate anxieties. One cannot be genuine until one feels safe."



I want to convince you that Mature Love is Responsible Freedom and Immature Love is Possessive Control. And that only Mature Love will bring you and others Happiness. If you love someone set them free.

Foreigner     I Want to Know What Love Is

THE Great Question--Your Life Answers IT

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