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Sex at dawn

Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality

Christopher Ryan author

interviewed by Reason's Thaddeus Russell


“What our species is good at is forming complex social networks. The purpose of human sexuality is social not reproductive.”


“Talk about the inner civil war between the Chimp and the Bonobo inside each of us.”


“A Chimp or Bonobo is more closely to a Human than any other animal. In terms of DNA we’re extremely closely related. The Bonobo is wonderful, peaceful. Whereas the Chimps can be very aggressive, aggressive in an organized way some primatologists refer to as war."


“What does your book offer to someone who wants more freedom in their life?”


“It offers them the freedom to fight their way out of socially imposed sexual restrictions. Not so much on behavior but on desires."

Selfish Gene Sex

Violent Chimpanzee

Peaceful Bonobo

A must see movie: A Dangerous Beauty--Set in Venice in the 1500s, a Courtesan who challenges the Church and her society's sexual control.

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