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Pairing Today - Audios & Videos

These videos and audios were made by Jack with the acknowledged consent of the various persons in them. They were made to give men and women the world over the opportunity to better understand interpersonal relationships through observing others discussing relationship topics in frank and fresh ways.


It is my hope these videos and audios will lead us from the Love of Liberty to the Liberty of Love.

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Jack and Gabriel, Santiago, Chile, December 10, 2015 discussing (43 minutes edited to 15) Pairing Today's Model & Metaphor of The Great Adventure & Voyage of Love upon the Sea of Life.


Life and Love are about the Great Adventure of a Voyage of HUMAN RELATION-SHIP. Each us can be considered as a LIFE SHIP voyaging on the SEA OF LIFE.

Jack and Sebastian, Santiago, Chile, December 17, 2015 discussing Pairing Today and the book, Sex at Dawn-The prehistoric origins of modern sexuality by Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jetha. In this discussion Jack does most of the talking (exuse me, Sebastian!) as he explains his enthusiasm for his revised version of Evolutionary Psychology brought about by the book being discussed.


There are some perhaps new ideas here for my readers on viewing Sex as Humanity's Motor (it's a neutral motivation) and on Sex as a Free Market phenomenon examined as a form of true Money as a medium of exchange and store of value.

This is a short video I recorded with Gabriel at the end of our 90 minutes session where we both read from a notebook my third wife--my Other Half & Great Love--Katharine had written in around 1990 in Brisbane, Australia about a year or so after we met in 1989 a month or so after my second wife, Elaine, had died from cancer. 


In this passage, Katharine describes her vision of life with Jack when they would be together. When she wrote this Jack had not yet decided to make her his Partner for Life--stupid him! It took him until October 1992 to wake up and live up to the Great Love and Whole Partner-Ship she offered him. He married Katharine on July 4, 1993 declaring their "Interdependence Day Relation-Ship" to the world and each other.


For Jack this is a heart-wrenching reading and one he is proud and grateful to have made with his best Free Friend, Gabriel Brignardello to share with the world the story of his Other Half & Great Love Experience--his Partner-Ship with Katharine.

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