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Jack's & Katharine's 

Story: A Whole Great Love

​Love - The Lesson of Loss


My many years on this speedily spinning, hard to stay upright on, planet, have been a multi-faceted adventure with many lives and many deaths. Socrates advised: "The unexamined life is not worth living." I agree and would add: "The uneventful life is not worth examining." My life has been, indeed, extremely eventful and has left me much to examine.

Those who know my story find it hard to believe it actually happened, as indeed, so do I looking back on it! I agree with Michelangelo who wrote: "He has well profited who learns by loss."
By this measurement I am a Billionaire.
My mother died when I was 3; my father when I was 14. Two wives have died in my arms from cancer. I have divorced two wives. My adopted son, suffering from schizophrenia, killed himself. Too many friends and clients have killed themselves outright or through various drawn out self-destructive behaviors of drink, drugs or chosen madness. I have advocated for and been personally involved in Palliative Care, the caring for the terminally living (as I prefer to put it). I worked as a researcher for the University of Queensland Psychiatric department interviewing "addicts" and  "mentally ill" persons--as well as having number of friends who had been diagnosed as "manic-depressive" and "schizophrenic". (Note--I put these words in quotes because I disagree entirely with the psychiatric-pharmaceutic industry and its substitution of voodoo medicine for morality that is done with one hand on the Bible of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.)
My conclusion? The Lesson of Loss is Love.
I know how valuable Intimate, Equal, and Permanent Friendships and Partnerships are--and how rare, because difficult, to achieve. But they ARE POSSIBLE!
And I believe I have lived long and intelligently enough to know the enabling conditions and methodology by which to achieve these highest forms of Human Relationships.
My Pairing method--The Art of Loving--can be learned by anyone who has the necessary courage and sufficient support to create and maintain a "Consummate Love" -- a Great Whole Love.
I have done it and so can you. For Katharine from Australia, my 3rd wife, and I accomplished a "Great Whole Love" before she died in my arms from cancer in 1996. We grew each other up into a mature Interdependent Partnership. Webpage that celebrates our achievement:




of the Year

Jack and Katherine

Los Angeles, California, 1991


 "Uni-duality or Dual-unity"

our given names artfully joined spell out our achievement.

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