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Humanity's motor

Christopher Ryan on SEX author of Sex at Dawn 


"The book's about where we really come from sexually speaking. The story we've been told about sex is based on misunderstandings, half-truths, and pure fucking bullshit. I want to turn on the truth about sex."

S-E-X, 3 letters. Let's add some letters:






This will get you thinking about what SEX is, what it's purposes are or can be, what is "natural" and what is "cultural". This is what Ryan's book, Sex at Dawn, examines. His conclusion with which I agree is that SEX is more about PRODUCTION--the creation of interpersonal happenings; and less about REPRODUCTION--the creation of offspring.


I think the clearest explanatory way to view SEX is that it is HUMANITY'S MOTOR--the basic Power or Energy that drives all human events, resulting in both Good and Evil outcomes. 


Whether SEX POWER leads to Peace and Prosperity or War and Destruction depends on the Economic-Social-Cultural-Political Order it operates within.  


It is my contention that the SEX MOTOR can be best engaged for the Common Good in a Free Market Spontaneous Order with no central controlling mechanisms, especially that of Governments or Institutions that use Initiated Physical Force to control individuals.


I advocate and help enable The Love of Liberty that leads to the Liberty of Love. This is the central purpose of PAIRING TODAY.


Now let us examine these 3 letters S-E-X with their added letters that make up the 3 DOMAINS of the SEX EXPERIENCE:











What I would like to accomplish on this page is to get you to become at ease with your Sexuality. I want you to learn to shun all SHAME and GUILT so often involved with Sex.


Once we can get to the point where we can laugh at our penises and vaginas as well as take them seriously--then we are beginning to get FREE from the DICKTATOR that orders men around and the EMPTY WOMB that women are driven to fill.


Only when we get FREE FROM being DRIVEN by our SEXUAL DRIVE or our FEAR OF SEX, can we become FREE FOR turning that destructive energy or the crippled repression of It, to creative communication--to mature love and friendship.


As Francis Bacon understood: "Nature to be Commanded must be Obeyed". That is, we must acknowledge our Evolutionary Genetic-Sexual Program rather than trying to deny, repress or supress it. It's time to take our Dicks and Vaginas out of the Closets of Religious, Political, Social and Cultural Control and USE our SEX TO EXPRESS, EXPERIMENT, EXCHANGE the unique persons we are.



Rather than repress or suppress, hey, EXPRESS your SEX! Why not? Do not allow THEM (Church, Government, School, any Others) to CONTROL YOU! Take control of your own Sex and do not let anyone else tell you what you should or should not do with it. Courage is the name of the game.


The first thing you must get FREE FROM is the lie that Sex is "only" for Reproduction. Nothing could be further from the truth of our Human Nature. This is why books like Sex at Dawn by Ryan must be read and understood and acted upon. The "Truth Will Set You Free" may not be always true but it will at least show you the Cage you have allowed yourself to be trapped within. The key to unlocking your Cage of Conformity and Control is COURAGE!


And laughter is one of the best ways of delegitimizing the would be Controllers of our Sexuality--be that our own Fear of Sex or Others who would command our obediance to their repressive and suppressive rules.


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